Farm to School Stories Book

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The Local Foods Program Team at NC State University is trying to pull together Farm to School stories from across the state into a book (of sorts!)! We would love to capture your story, the story of your community! Please read on below and consider sharing your story and please pass this on to community partners too!

Deep in the hollows of the Appalachians
, students in Cherokee are growing creasy greens in their school garden and at harvest, spin them into a delicious dish. In Warren County, a land with a rich agricultural heritage, a mess of collards and cabbage are grown by local farmers, processed by a community-based non-profit and served up in the cafeteria. Each story of farm to school is rooted in nurturing healthy children and supporting healthy school food environments. From school gardens, classroom cooking and celebrating food in the cafeteria, farm to school programming is growing a generation of young people that love the crunch of a carrot and ask for second helpings of spinach.

We are hoping that you are willing to share your farm to school story.  Many folks, schools, non-profts, local and state agencies, alliances, councils have all been digging into farm to school for awhile. NC Cooperative Extension with many partners are pulling together the bright stories and successes of existing farm to school resources into a book that documents the how-to: lesson plans, photos, recipes, case studies, community stories, profiles and research. This book is intended to highlight communities and their work and inspire others hoping to do the same. It is collaborative, collective and dynamic. It will weave together a cohesive tale of kids growing, cooking and eating fresh fruit and veggies and shifting their school food environment and offer impactful possibilities for the people of North Carolina.

Please consider sharing your work (with full credit to you and your community) by sending photos, success stories, profiles, recipes, kid quotes, lesson plans, activities, anything!! We have attached optional templates to help guide your work.

  • Email your materials to
  • Upload to our google drive (create your own folder and be sure to include your name and contact info)
  • Snail mail: Attn: Liz Driscoll, 218 Kilgore Hall,  Box 7609, Raleigh, NC 27606

Contact NC Cooperative Extension, Farm to School Working Group co-chairs:
Liz Driscoll, + (919) 886-3424 or Travella Free,