2016 4-H Horse Eligibility Cards Due March 1st


Just a reminder that all 4-H horse eligibility cards are due by March 1.  The eligibility card and a document detailing how to fill out the card and what to do with it can be found at this webpage:


Eligibility cards are only needed for youth that intend to show an animal at one of the four qualifying 4-H shows.  ALL YOUTH MUST FILL OUT A CARD IF THEY ARE INTENDING TO SHOW, REGARDLESS OF IF THEY ARE ATTENDING A SHOW THAT THERE IS IN THEIR DISTRICT!  If a youth is not sure if they will show a horse or not, please still have them fill out an eligibility card.

For youth trying to figure out which show to attend, we have compiled the class lists and packets for the show onto one webpage (scroll to the bottom of the page):


These class lists will be updated by the end of this week.