2015 4-H Bee Keeping Essay Contest


Honey bees are hardworking, tirelessly gathering nectar and pollen to share with their hive. They provide a vital ecological service by pollinating agricultural, garden and native plants. Explore more about these fascinating insects by participating in the North Carolina 4-H Beekeeping Essay contest. The essay provides a platform for youth to creatively express their working knowledge and research of the craft of beekeeping.

2015 Beekeeping Essay Topic:  “Planting for Bees from Backyards and Up”

Beekeeping has become difficult due to a lack of native plants for forage.  In this essay, you will be required to discuss ways that habitats can be modified to become “bee friendly”. Does your community allow road-sides and open land to grow wildflowers and encourage native planting of bee friendly plants?

Survey your community to see what is being done to help honey bees.  Include your state in your survey to see if there is a wildflower planting program available or any other program that could aid the honey bee.

Essays are due no later than 5:00 p.m. on February 15th.  Please see the form below for specifics of the contest.

Honeybee Essay Information.pdf