2014 NC 4-H Beekeeping Essay Contest

4-H Members are invited to participate in the 2014 4-H Beekeeping Essay Contest!  The North Carolina state winner receives a $50 award and the winning essay is submitted to the national contest through the Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees.  If selected as a national winner, 1st place is $750, 2nd is $500 and 3rd is $250. Our state essay topic and judging criteria follow the national program.  Please click here for the topic and essay guidelines:

State beekeeping essays are due February 14, 2014.  Please send all essays ELECTRONICALLY to Holly Jordan at holly_jordan@ncsu.edu.

2014 Essay Topic: “Beekeeping in Colonial Times”
To the earliest European settlers in the New World, honey bees were an important part of their existence. Cargo manifests show that honey bees were among the first shipments of animals. How were they shipped? Why were they important? Why were they so important to the colonists? How does that differ from today?

The scope of the research is an essential judging criterion, accounting for 40% of your score. The number of sources consulted, the authority of the sources, and the variety of the sources are all evaluated.

Personal interviews with beekeepers, farmers and others familiar with the subject are valued sources of information and should be documented. Sources, which are not cited in the end notes, should be listed in a “Resources” or “Bibliography” list.

Please visit http://www.growforit.org/programs/detail/beekeeping-essay for additional rules, eligibility, and submission instructions.