West District 4-H Auction

We would like to cordially invite all the 4H Clubs in Western North Carolina to participate in a 4H auction.  This will be held the first Saturday after the Mountain State Fair, September 22.  Our group will be selling pigs, chickens, turkeys, baked goods, and anything else we have left over from the fair.  We would like to make this a big deal.  This would be a great opportunity for your group to raise money.  All clubs will receive 100% of their profits.  We just want to get everyone together and help us advertise to create a super fund-raiser.  Our club only has a couple of fund raisers and we are counting on this to support us for the next year so we strongly encourage all clubs to do the same.  All items are welcome:  food (canned and baked), clothing, accessories, any livestock, etc.  After the sale all proceeds will be distributed.

We will have someone at the sales arena at 9am on Saturday, September 22 to receive the products or animals until the auction starts at 5pm.  Our group will sell supper from 3pm to 5pm.  If you have any questions please call or text Beverly Hargus at (828) 243-8360.

Barnyard Bandits
Henderson County 4-H