2012 Mountain State Fair

It’s hard to believe but summer is almost over and the Mountain State Fair is just around the corner!!  The 2012 Mountain State Fair will take place September 7th-16th at the WNC Agricultural Center in Fletcher.  Information is available for many of the contests including livestock, cooking, horticulture, and general exhibits.  If you might be interested in submitting an entry to the fair for exhibition and competition, please visit the Mountain State Fair website for additional information at http://www.mountainfair.org/mountain-state-fair.html.

Below are the deadlines for some of the competitions:

August 10th:

August 15th:
Livestock (Swine, Goat, Sheep, Cattle)

August 24th:
General Youth Entries (KA)
Shoebox Float Parade
Youth Under 5 years old (KC)