4-H to be Highlighted by Jennifer Nettles on “Duets”

At National 4-H Council’s 4-H Legacy Awards Gala in April, ABC television shot some great footage of 4-H alumna Jennifer Nettles( of the country music band  Sugarland) performing with members of Georgia 4-H’s Clovers and Company for possible use in their new television show, Duets. We are excited to report that 4-H will be featured on the show via this performance as well as several one-on-one interviews.

You are encouraged to tune in to ABC the evening of Thursday, May 24th to support the show and watch Jennifer Nettles talk about the impact 4-H had on her life and career to a broad national audience.  You are also encouraged to spread the word to your friends and family—National 4-H Council will be promoting this event through the Social Media channels…we hope you can do the same.

Many thanks to our Georgia colleagues, especially National 4-H Council Trustee and  Associate Dean for Extension, Beverly Sparks, State 4-H Program Leader Arch Smith, and former Council Trustee Bo Ryles, for helping make this big moment happen!