Operation:Military Kids Hero Pack Letters Needed

North Carolina Operation: Military Kids (OMK) is in need of your help with their letter writing campaign.  With multiple deployments of North Carolina’s National Guard, Fort Bragg’s Army and Camp Lejeune’s Marine Corps over the next few months, the Hero Pack request are increasing.  Hero Packs provides a token of support and a piece of mind for the deploying parent knowing that their children left at home are being looked after.  The National Guard, Marines, Army, Navy Reserves, and Air Force Reserves are preparing for deployments within the next 4 months.

Two thank you notes and letters are put into each Hero Pack.  One note/letter is for the service member and the other is for the youth of the service member.  The note/letter provides encouragement and thanks for their sacrifice to our country. They are also used to invite the youth to participate in 4-H. This will be a great community service project for your club members as well as a way to give back to the men, women and children who are making the sacrifice to defend our country.  What a wonderful way support our military families!

We are looking for 4-H members, volunteers, and clubs who are willing to write thank you notes/child letters to be included in the Hero Packs.  Thank you notes/letters can be written on regular paper or as homemade cards. If you are interested in writing notes for the Hero Packs, please plan to have your completed notes returned to the Buncombe County Extension office by Friday, March 9th.