Lots of Sewing at the 4-H Sew-Cool Workshop

Buncombe County 4-H members were sewing away at the 2011 “Sew-Cool” day camp which took place August 1st-3rd at the Buncombe County Extension Office.  Participants learned basic sewing skills from learning the parts of the sewing machine, sewing tools, how to lay and cut out a pattern, how to hand sew, and much more.  Each 4-Her made their own apron, pillow, and decorated greeting cards and showed them off at our fashion show finale.

We want to thank our 3 NEW 4-H volunteers: Ms. Carol, Ms. Dee Dee, and Ms. Marilyn  for working on-on-one with our 4-H sewing participants.  Everyone had a great time and learned lots of new skills.  We hope the be able to offer the same type of workshop next summer!