Introductory Robotics Class for Buncombe 4-H Members

Terminator has nothing on your robot — because yours is REAL!  Sign up for this exciting two-day workshop and learn how to program your own smart robot to think, “see” its surroundings and take action.  You’ll use sensors, motors, and a really cool graphics-based programming language.  4-H participants will use a robot to perform tasks ranging from simple to amazing.  No prior experience is necessary!

When:  August 10th and August 12th
Times:  9 am until 4 pm
Where:  Buncombe County Extension Center (94 Coxe Ave, Asheville)
Cost:  $12
Ages:  12-19 years old
How to sign up:  Contact Holly Jordan at or by calling 828-255-5522
Make sure to bring a bagged lunch and drink both days.

This is a hands-on session and 4-Hers should come prepared to roll up their sleeves and get busy learning  — in short order all will be creating robot programs that are smart and simple at the same time.  In this workshop attendees learn first hand how to make a robot think for itself, sensing its environment and making decisions based on input.  Each participant will undertake a variety of increasingly challenging skill-building projects ranging from moving in a straight line to writing the 4-H members name.

By the end of the workshop, participants will know about open- and closed-loop systems, how decisions are made in a robot’s computer “brain”, and how simple programs can make a robot navigate in a complex and changing environment.

The workshop is offered by Neil Rosenberg, a robotics engineer and educator, graduate of MIT and Stanford. Neil is responsible for several unique robotics-based vehicles and has particular interest in machines that think for themselves. He also has a knack for making technology understandable by non-technical persons.  He has been gracious enough to lend his expertise in Robotics for our 4-H members.

Participants must sign up no later than August 5th, 2011.  Attendance is limited to the first 12 youth to RSVP.  The workshop is first come first serve, so be sure to sign up right away!  Feel free to invite your friends!