Buncombe County 4-H Livestock Judging Team Succeedes!!

Members of the 2011 Buncombe County 4-H Livestock Judging Team were quite successful at the 2011 North Carolina 4-H Livestock Judging Contest which was held in Raleigh on June 28th.  Team members were scored based on their placings of cattle, swine, goat, and sheep classes as well as their oral reasons for their placings.  We’d like to congratulate the following team members for their accomplishments:

Senior Team:
Bill Jones
Jake Bishop
Ty Worley
Casey McAninch

Junior Team:
Tucker Worley
Jordan McAninch
Ty Reeves
Caleb Gillespie

The following are the unofficial results of the contest:

Junior Team Awards:
–  3rd place Overall Junior Team
–  4th place  Junior Team (Sheep)
–  1st place  Junior Team (Meat Goat)
–  3rd place  Junior Team (Swine)
–  5th place  Junior Team ( Beef)
–  5th place  Junior Team (Reasons)

Junior Individual Awards:
–  Ty Reeves: 2nd place Meat Goat
–  Ty Reeves:  9th place Swine
–  Jordan McAninch:  10th place Beef
–  Ty Reeves:  7th place Oral Reasons
–  Ty Reeves:  7th place Overall Junior Individual

 Senior Team Awards:
–  3rd place Overall Senior Team
–  1st place Senior Team (Sheep)
–  2nd place Senior Team (Swine)
–  4th place Senior Team (Beef)
–  3rd place Senior Team (Oral Reasons)

Senior Individual Awards:
– Casey McAninch: 4th place Sheep
–  Bill Jones:  6th place Sheep
–  Jake Bishop:  8th place Sheep
–  Ty Worley:  7th place Meat Goats
–  Bill Jones:  1st place Swine
–  Jake Bishop:  4th place Swine
–  Bill Jones:  5th place Beef
–  Bill Jones:  5th place Oral Reasons
–  Bill Jones:  3rd place Overall Senior Individual
–  Ty Worley:  16th place Overall Senior Individual
–  Jake Bishop:  18th place Overall Senior Individual
–  Casey McAninch:  19th place Overall Senior Individual