West District Volunteer Leader Association Meeting

The West District 4-H Volunteer Leaders Association officers want to invite you to join them for the “Spring into 4-H” district event which will take place on Saturday, May 14th at the Haywood County Extension Office. The association has worked hard to plan an informative and fun day in order to help provide you with resources, contacts, and ideas to help in your success as a 4-H leader or volunteer.   The “Spring into 4-H” event is a wonderful opportunity to get to know other leaders in the district, learn how to improve 4-H club events, and to help identify and address concerns in the West District.
Below is a note from the West District Volunteer Association President Amy Warren regarding the volunteer association.  Please contact Amy if you would like to be added to the association’s email list:
Hi!  Let me begin with thanking everyone for all their help in planning this Spring meeting. Through e-mail and conversations it has been confirmed for me that we have the BEST folks ever in 4-H here in the West District. In most 4-H activities there are West District youth there to represent us. That is awesome (considering the usual travel and effort involved)!  It is proof of the dedication of our staff and leaders.  I can not help wondering, though, if some of our staff and leaders feel the overwhelming challenges as they try to reach youth and provide opportunities for them. As with any organization there is room for improvement.  Like the 4-H motto  “To make the Best Better”, there is a love and passion for 4-H. That is why it is so important for us to come together as leaders and discuss the challenges and work together toward solutions. I am convinced we, of the West District, can continue a strong and growing 4-H program and make it even better for the youth of this District! Imagine the results!
Amy Warren
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828-246-2732 cell