NC 4-H Alumni and Friends Association awards

The North Carolina 4-H Hall of Fame honors people who have made a significant impact on the North Carolina 4-H Program and forerunners of the 4-H Program, such as corn, swine, and tomato clubs.  Honorees for these awards will be selected from nominations made each year.  Nominations may come from County Extension Centers, 4-H Groups, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Staff, and individuals.  Now is your opportunity to nominate those individuals from Buncombe County who have made a tremendous impact on our 4-H programs.

Nomination forms are due to the NC 4-H Hall of Fame Selection Committee on or before April 15th.

The nomination forms can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.  Winners of these awards will be inducted into the Hall of Fame during the annual NC 4-H Congress which is held during the month of July in Raleigh.

If you have any questions about the nomination process or would like assistance nominating a deserving individual, please contact Holly Jordan at