2011 NC Strawberry Association Scholarship

Announcing the 2011 NC Strawberry Association Scholarship:

The intent of this scholarship is to promote future leadership in the strawberry industry. The scholarship is open to high school seniors or current college students applying, accepted to, or currently enrolled in a land grant university and interested in or having declared a major in a program of study directly related to the strawberry industry (For example, small fruit production, marketing, food science, nutrition, entomology, agronomy, etc).

The Scholarship Award for 2011 will be $500. The number of awards will be determined based on funds available and applications received. The deadline for 2011 applications is May 1, 2011.   For more information visit http://www.ncstrawberry.org/docs/AboutScholarship2011.htm or contact NCSA at info@ncstrawberry.com.