North Carolina 4-H Fashion Review Update

As you may know, a number of years ago the 4-H program lost campus-based subject matter specialist support for the 4-H Fashion Review.  Since that time, we have continued to provide this opportunity at the state level through the work of other faculty, staff and volunteers.  Their efforts to sustain this program have been exemplary and most appreciated.

However, due to the loss of specialist support, declining state participation numbers and tightening budgets,  the North Carolina 4-H Program will not be supporting the state level fashion review that has been historically conducted at State 4-H Congress.   This is effective today, December 1, 2010.

Counties with strong clothing construction/fashion review programs are encouraged to continue with their work.  State 4-H faculty will be continuing to work with colleagues in the College of Textiles to see what opportunities might exist for a program like or similar to this in the future.

Please note that Buncombe County WILL host the fashion review at our annual spring event, however, winners of that contest will no longer have an opportunity to go on to state level competition because there will no longer be support for the state event.