4-H Achievement Night Preparations

As we finish up the 2010 4-H year, we need to start making plans for the Annual Buncombe County 4-H Achievement Night which will be held on February 1, 2011.  Please see the information below which we need to collect in order to help ensure that the evening is a success!

LEADERS – We are currently collecting names and addresses (physical addresses as well as email addresses) for anyone you feel should be invited to Achievement Night.  This includes 4-H Alumni, prominent community leaders and representatives, 4-H relatives (we already have the contact information for all of the current 4-H’ers and leaders, so you will not be required to send this information), and anyone else you feel should be invited to this prestigious night.  We are asking that a leader from each club be responsible for collecting this information and getting it to Holly at the 4-H office NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3rd, 2010. Holly is requesting that this list be sent (holly_jordan@ncsu.edu or dropped off at the 4-H Office burned to a disc) electronically and NOT in hard copy form.  This will make it much easier to compile all of our invitees into one master list.  This list will determine the number of invitations we will need to print, so please be sure to be thorough and on time!

LEADERS AND CLUB HISTORIANS- As we did last year, we will be putting together a slide show of all of the 4-H events that occurred during the 2010 4-H year which will be shown at Achievement Night in February.  The Extension office has pictures of the county events, but we are in need of pictures from your special 4-H club events. While we cannot guarantee that all images you send will make it onto the slide show, we are hoping that you have some extra electronic pictures from the last year that you are willing to share (we’d especially love to have pictures of your clubs volunteering or hosting club meetings)! Please send any extra images that you have to holly_jordan@ncsu.edu or burn your images to a disk and drop it off at the Buncombe County Extension office.  We hope to have these picture files no later than Friday, December 17, 2010 , so please start gathering your photos!

Club Displays– Like last year, we will again this year be requesting that each 4-H Club set up a booth/display to be set up at the reception.  This booth should highlight your Club and the events, activities and milestones you participated in over the 2010 year.  Please begin to think about creating your club booth ~ we’d really like to have all Clubs represented at the reception this year!

We wanted to have you start thinking about the plans for Achievement Night before your schedules begin to get busy with the holiday season.  We are looking forward to hosting a great evening and we hope you are excited about coming!!  If you have any questions about the above items, please contact Holly Jordan at holly_jordan@ncsu.edu.