Get “Hungry to Help”!!

Did you know that North Carolina tied for the fasted growing rate of food insecurity (the inability to provide enough food for a household) in the country in 2008?  One in seven North Carolina families are currently experiencing low or very low food security and one in five children  in the state are struggling with hunger.  This reality hits close to home for all of us in Buncombe County.  Think about how many youth at your church, school, and even your 4-H club who might be dealing with hunger issues and you might not even be aware of it.

North Carolina 4-H and Buncombe County 4-H are partnering with The Feeding America food banks to help fight North Carolina’s hunger crisis through the “4-H Hungry to Help” campaign.  This year we will be planning various activities like food drives and volunteer days to help fight hunger in Buncombe County.  Any work that is done in the county will be added to a statewide database which will track how many families 4-H is able to feed in the state.  We certainly want Buncombe County to be a large contributor as well.  Please email Holly at with any information about your 4-H club activities to help fight hunger.

Please provide the following information in your email:

  • Date
  • Event Name
  • Location
  • Hours worked
  • Number of people helping (4-H members, parents, siblings, leaders)
  • What did you do for the activity (did you collect food, sort food at a food bank, serve meals, etc)
  • Pounds of food collected, sorted, bagged, boxed, etc

Thanks and get “Hungry to Help”!!