4-H Sunflower Contest Results Announced!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2010 4-H Sunflower Contest. We had almost 20 sunflowers submitted this year, which made it very hard to determine winning categories and results. We certainly must have a lot of great gardeners in our clubs!

Mike Stevenson of the Men’s Garden Club of Asheville was our expert judge again this year. Each of the sunflowers were split into age groups and then judged based on a number of different categories. Mr. Stevenson was very impressed by all of the sunflowers! We are pleased to announce the winners in each of the following age categories:


Recognition for Smallest Sunflower: Tyler Christopher, Sandy Mush Club

Recognition for Most Colorful: Kylie Austin, Newfound Club

Recognition for Most Symmetrical: Andrew Sprinkle, A Brighter Tomorrow Club

Recognition for Most Artistic: Rachel Sprinkle, A Brighter Tomorrow Club

Age Group 9-10:

Largest: Nathan Sprinkle, A Brighter Tomorrow Club

Smallest: Madison Brown, Newfound Club

Most Symmetrical: Rebekah Sprinkle, A Brighter Tomorrow Club

Most Colorful: Sarah Cromer, Sandy Mush Club

Age Group 11-13:

Largest: Will Baldwin, Lucky Clovers Club

Smallest: Jabin Sprinkle, A Brighter Tomorrow Club

Most Symmetrical: Jenna Cagle, Sandy Mush Club

Most Colorful: Carter Brown, Newfound Club

Most Artistic: Ruth Mowery & Megan Weil, Horse Spirits Club

Most Balanced: Anabel McIlvaine & Chelsea Troutman, Horse Spirits Club

Most Petite: Sally Bobbitt, Horse Spirits Club

Age Group 14-18:

Largest: Seth Austin, Newfound Club

Most Symmetrical: Madison Baldwin, Lucky Clovers Club

Most Artistic: Isabella Bonessi & Emily Sumney, Horse Spirits Club

Congratulations to everyone that participated in the 2010 4-H Sunflower Contest, and good luck to those of you who will also be competing in the NC Mountain State Fair! Also, if you’d like your sunflower back, please be sure to pick it up by 5:00 Tuesday, September 7th (Our office will be closed in observance of Labor Day Tuesday, September 6th).