North Carolina 4-H Volunteer Awards

Volunteers are the heart of the North Carolina 4-H program.  Their energy and commitment create positive opportunities for young people across the state everyday, and without their consistent, dedicated service, many of the 4-H programs available would simply not exist.  The North Carolina 4-H Volunteer Leaders’ Association annually sponsors a statewide volunteer recognition program to formally acknowledge the excellent work of these individuals who give their time, talents and resources in support of the youth participating in North Carolina 4-H programs.

Volunteers fill many roles in the 4-H program.  Their work may be in any of at least six categories of service that may be considered in examining a volunteer’s contributions to the 4-H program.  These are:

  1. Direct programs to youth,
  2. Services to other volunteers (master volunteers who teach/coordinate programs),
  3. Indirect services to 4-H through technical or support services, such as donors or in-kind contributors,
  4. Advocacy for youth or for 4-H such as a county commissioner,
  5. Administrative services such as a bookkeeper who handles 4-H funds, and
  6. Policy advising on county, district or state levels.

We would like to encourage you to nominate any local 4-H volunteers who you feel have made a positive impact on yourself, your club, the county 4-H program, or Buncombce County.  Volunteers may be nominated by 4-H agents, 4-H members, other volunteers, parents of members, or individuals may nominate themselves.  Please click here to download a copy of the volunteer award application.  Applications are due to the state 4-H office by November 2, 2010 at 5:00 p.m.