The Pumpkin Project

There is something pretty cool in that little orange package. Carve it. Eat it. Kayak across a lake in it. There are so many kinds of pumpkins. Gigantic pumpkins. Pumpkins with warts. Ghostly white pumpkins. Small paintable pumpkins.  And there are so many questions about pumpkins. How do you grow pumpkins? What are the different kinds of pumpkins you can grow? Does it matter how far apart you plant your seeds? Do certain types of pumpkins grow better than others? Why? What are pumpkins used for.

“The Pumpkin Project” is an opportunity for you to find out how pumpkins grow and how you can decide what might be the best kind of small pumpkins to grow in the mountains.

Dr. Greg Hoyt and Liz Driscoll both work for NC State in the Horticultural Science and the Soil Science Departments. They are heading up a new project where 4-H members and clubs can watch pumpkins grow in the fields of the Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center in Fletcher through a blog and answer some of those questions that we all have about pumpkins.  They will be setting up several field days where youth will be able to visit the field, evaluate the pumpkins at maturity, and take a load home.

If you or your 4-H club are interested in participating in “The Pumpkin Project,” please contact either Erin Bonito at or Holly Jordan at to sign up.  You can visit the pumpkin project blog at to see what kinds of activities are planned and see how the pumpkins are already growing in the fields.  Please sign up fast to ensure enough pumpkins for your club!