4-H Congress 2010 Update

Buncombe County’s delegation to 4-H Congress 2010 had a great time, and smooth trip to Congress.  Seth Austin served as our voting delegate, and we have a state officer Joshua Black, from the West District as Reporter!  Jenna Cagle also had a good year at Congress, bringing home the bronze medal in horticulture production and marketing.  4-H Congress had tons of events and activities, including the fashion revue, candle lighting ceremony, banquets, workshops, and many other activities.  On Wednesday morning, 4-H’ers packed up over 30,000 meals for low income families in our Hands to Service activity.  Everyone enjoyed the competitions, activities and of course the banquets.  Special congratulations go out to Jenna Cagle for her medal winning presentation and Seth Austin for doing a great job as our voting delegate.  We hope everyone works hard on their presentations this year so we can have an even better Congress delegation in 2011.