Exciting Results for Livestock Judging!

Many of our 4-H’ers traveled to Raleigh with Coach Jeff Bradley on June 29th to participate in the NC 4-H Livestock Judging Contest.  Both our Senior 4-H’ers and our Junior 4-H’ers did an outstanding job at the competition, including taking home the High Team Overall first place win by the Junior Buncombe County B Team!  The full list of results is posted below.  Congratulations to everyone who participated!


Senior Division Buncombe County Team:
Seth Austin
Jacob Bishop
Bill Jones
Marty Wines

High Team Reasons: 3rd

High Team Overall Cattle: 8th

High Team Overall Sheep: 6th

High Team Overall Swine: 7th

High Team Overall Meat Goat: 8th

High Team Overall: 6th

High Individual Reasons:

  • Bill Jones:  11th
  • Marty Wines:  20th
  • Jacob Bishop:  30th
  • Seth Austin:  31st

High Individual Overall Cattle:

  • Bill Jones:  19th
  • Marty Wines:  26th
  • Jacob Bishop:  47th
  • Seth Austin:  48th

High Individual Overall Sheep:

  • Bill Jones:  13th
  • Seth Austin:  26th
  • Marty Wines:  29th
  • Jacob Bishop:  31st

High Individual Overall Swine:

  • Jacob Bishop:  24th
  • Marty Wines:  26th
  • Seth Austin:  27th
  • Bill Jones:  34th

High Individual Overall Meat Goat:

  • Jacob Bishop:  16th
  • Bill Jones:  27th
  • Seth Austin:  49th
  • Marty Wines:  56th

High Individual Overall:

  • Bill Jones:  21st
  • Marty Wines:  35th
  • Jacob Bishop:  36th
  • Seth Austin:  41st


Junior Division Buncombe County A Team:
Kesli Cartwright
Casey McAninch
Rachel West
Ty Worley
Junior Division Buncombe County B Team:
Jordan McAninch
Laura Nelon
Ethan West
Tucker Worley
Junior Division Buncombe County C Team:
Erin Bishop
Carter Brown
Ty Reeves

High Team Reasons:

  • Buncombe County A:  2nd
  • Buncombe County B:  3rd
  • Buncombe County C:  6th

High Team Overall Cattle:

  • Buncombe County B:  1st
  • Buncombe County A:  5th
  • Buncombe County C:  9th

High Team Overall Sheep:

  • Buncombe County A:  2nd
  • Buncombe County B:  3rd
  • Buncombe County C:  8th

High Team Overall Swine:

  • Buncombe County B:  1st
  • Buncombe County A:  2nd
  • Buncombe County C:  7th

High Team Overall Meat Goats:

  • Buncombe County B:  1st
  • Buncombe County A:  4th
  • Buncombe County C:  5th

High Team Overall:

  • Buncombe County B:  1st
  • Buncombe County A:  3rd
  • Buncombe County C:  8th

High Individual Reasons:

  • Casey McAninch:  5th
  • Erin Bishop:  9th
  • Laura Nelon:  10th
  • Jordan McAninch:  12th
  • Carter Brown:  13th
  • Kesli Cartwright:  14th
  • Rachel West:  16th
  • Tucker Worley:  17th
  • Ty Worley:  19th
  • Ty Reeves:  24th
  • Ethan West:  28th

High Individual Overall Cattle:

  • Tucker Worley:  1st
  • Kesli Cartwright:  2nd
  • Ethan West:  3rd
  • Laura Nelon:  7th
  • Jordan McAninch:  13th
  • Rachel West:  17th
  • Ty Reeves:  30th
  • Casey McAninch:  39th
  • Carter Brown:  40th
  • Ty Worley:  41st
  • Erin Bishop:  46th

High Individual Overall Sheep:

  • Erin Bishop:  5th
  • Laura Nelon:  6th
  • Jordan McAninch:  7th
  • Casey McAninch:  8th
  • Kesli Cartwright:  12th
  • Rachel West:  14th
  • Ty Worley:  18th
  • Tucker Worley:  22nd
  • Ethan West:  23rd
  • Ty Reeves:  34th
  • Carter Brown:  43rd

High Individual Overall Swine:

  • Tucker Worley:  1st
  • Laura Nelon:  4th
  • Jordan McAninch:  5th
  • Rachel West:  8th
  • Ty Worley:  9th
  • Ty Reeves:  17th
  • Kesli Cartwright:  24th
  • Erin Bishop:  26th
  • Carter Brown:  34th
  • Ethan West:  35th
  • Casey McAninch:  48th

High Individual Overall Meat Goats:

  • Casey McAninch:  2nd
  • Laura Nelon:  3rd
  • Ethan West:  4th
  • Erin Bishop:  10th
  • Ty Reeves:  15th
  • Ty Worley:  23rd
  • Carter Brown:  30th
  • Rachel West:  32nd
  • Jordan McAninch:  34th
  • Kesli Cartwright:  35th
  • Tucker Worley:  36th

High Individual Overall:

  • Laura Nelon:  1st
  • Tucker Worley:  2nd
  • Jordan McAninch:  6th
  • Ethan West:  7th
  • Kesli Cartwright:  9th
  • Rachel West:  14th
  • Ty Reeves:  22nd
  • Ty Worley:  26th
  • Erin Bishop:  29th
  • Casey McAninch:  31st
  • Carter Brown:  42nd