4-H Mini-Garden Project Update

Master Gardener Suzanne Wodek and 4-H Secretary Erin hit the road last week to do the first of two visits to all of the 4-H’ers participating in the Mini-Garden Project. Suzanne was very impressed with all of the hard work that our 4-H’ers have put into their gardens this year. She noted that plant diseases and insect problems were minimal, and that for the most part, the main problem our 4-H’er seemed to be encountering was simply keeping their gardens well watered in all of this dry heat!

On Tuesday, July 6th Suzanne was able to visit the following gardens:

Andrew and Pressley Morgan

Carter and Madison Brown

Nate and Tucker Worley

Seth, Kylie & Kierra Austin

Jenna Cagle and Tyler Christopher

On Friday, July 9th Suzanne was able to visit the following gardens:

Cheyenne, Cole & Cherish Carson

Aaron, Justine, Sulema and Nina Haynes

Sarah Cromer

Ruth, Samuel and Joshua Mowery

Madison & Will Baldwin

Blake and Joshua Weaver

Hunter and Peyton Duckett

Suzanne is looking forward to your continued good work and has plans to come back and visit your gardens in another month or so! See you all then!