Citizenship Washington Focus

Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) is a week-long 4-H citizenship program for youth ages 14-19. Thousands of young people from across America stay at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center, near Washington, D.C., every summer to participate in the program, which provides opportunities for young people to:

  • Strengthen their communication, leadership, and citizenship skills on a national level.
  • Understand the importance of civic and social responsibilities as they relate to the development of better citizens and leaders.
  • Exchange ideas, practice respect, and form friendships with other 4-Hers from across the country with diverse backgrounds.
  • Experience hands-on learning using the historical classroom of our nation’s Capital city, Washington, D.C.

Registration for CWF 2011 is now open! This is a once in a lifetime experience that allows your young people to see the world from a new perspective. Don’t miss out on this national citizenship and leadership opportunity. All you need to do is gather a group of 5 or more participants (including both youth and chaperones), visit the Citizenship Washington Focus website by clicking here and click on the registration tab to follow the steps to register your delegation.