Tractor Supply Company Paper Clover Campaign

Buncombe County has one of the 31 Tractor Supply Company stores in NC, which means you are now participating in a Paper Clover Campaign coordinated by National 4-H Council. If you haven’t already done so, you might take this opportunity to visit with your store manager in South Asheville and see what you can do to make this campaign a success for you.

4-H Paper Clovers are paper representations of the 4-H clover that are sold for $1 or more by Tractor Supply Company store clerks and prominently displayed in-store.   Tractor Supply Company is most interested in seeing the 4-H’ers and their families promote the event so that more funds are raised in their stores and go back to 4-H’ers in their communities. They expect, where possible, for 4-H volunteers, staff, and or 4-H’ers to reach out their store managers to see if there are any additional in-store events that they can attend during the duration of the promotion to help draw more traffic to their stores. For example, a 4-H club or a group of 4-H’ers can arrange to table at their local TSC store for a few hours on one weekend of the promotion. The more promotion and publicity counties give the 4-H TSC Paper Clover promotion, the more funds that will be raised for your local 4-H!

The promotion begins on Friday, March 26th and through Sunday, April 18th.  Sixty percent of each paper clover sold/customer donation will go directly to the county 4-H program in which it was raised, 5 percent will go the 1862 state 4-H office/foundation, and 5 percent will go the partner 1890 institutions that have 4-H programs. The remaining 30 percent will go to National 4-H Council to underwrite the cost of the program.

The more promotion and involvement that local 4-H clubs and staff have with the program, the better the results will be! National 4-H Council is creating and posting a short press release, customizable posters and ads, fliers, a template thank you note to send to the store managers after the promotion has completed, and other promotional resources on the 4-H Brand Network. All of these items will be posted on the 4-H Brand Network as soon as they become available.

If you have more questions and need more information, contact Anarosa Rohan, Retail Partnerships Manager at National 4-H Council, at 301.961.2850 or