NC 4-H International Exchange Program

It is that time of year again to promote the NC 4-H International Exchange program. We need 23 host families for Japanese delegates and their chaperones by April 30, 2010. The Japanese delegates will be here July 23 – August 19, 2010. There are 10 boys, 10 girls and 3 adult chaperones that need homes. Please  click here to see the Japanese girls bios, and here to see the Japanese boys bios. The website is updated as youth are placed, so be sure to check for these before discussing with a family who they are interested in hosting. I will put tentative holds on youth if you have a family who is interested in a specific child. However, all paperwork must be in, in order to say the child is placed with a family. Please click here for the 4-H International web site to find forms needed such as applications, reference forms and disclosure forms. We do *NOT* have any other delegates coming from other countries this summer. It is only Japanese students this summer. Below are some policies you’ll need to follow if you are interested:

In order to be a month long host family, the family must have a child within 2 years of the age of the child they will host and also be of the same gender. All international delegates must have their own bed. We can only place one delegate per family. Families are responsible for all meals and transportation including pick up and return for the child. Health insurance is provided. Families must complete an application (which a 4-H Agent or Extension staff member must sign), submit a family picture(s), submit 3 non-family references, and sign a disclosure in order to have a criminal background check for all family members 18 years old or older living in the home. In addition, local Extension staff must conduct an in-home interview with the family (all members present) and submit a written report with your approval (or non-approval) indicated. *ALL paperwork* should be completed by April 30 and must be completed and returned to me before a child can be permanently assigned to the family. In addition to the forms required for hosting a summer delegate, we must have a high school acceptance form completed.

If you have any questions or need help, do not hesitate to call Carolyn Langley at 336-318-6000.