4-H Baking Contest Results are In!

This winter Buncombe County 4-H program held their Baking Contest on Saturday December 12th.  This was another year for quality entries and the 4-H’ers showed an understanding of how to fit any type of baked good into a healthy eating plan.  They indicated you could add fresh fruit to some items, change to use whole grains, less sugar or fat and also adjusting portions and frequency of items to decrease calories in your eating plan.

Our Judges were Denise Laursen and Nicole Napoli.  Both are Registered Dietitians and Chefs.  They enjoyed the variety of entrees and were impressed with the baking skills shown by the kids.  Eleven girls and nine boys entered the contest this year.  They represented Seven Clubs and at large members.  There were a total of 20 Junior entrees and 8 Clover Bud entrees.  The Juniors entered five Breads, two Cakes from Scratch, two Cakes from a Mix, three Cookies from Scratch, four Bar Cookies from Scratch, one Bar Cookies from Mix, one Cookies using a mix, and one candy.  The Clover Buds entered three Breads, one cake, one pie, one Bar Cookies from a Mix and two Cookies from Scratch.

The overall Junior Girl winner was Madison Baldwin from Lucky Clovers Club with her Pistachio-Cranberry Biscotti from scratch.  The overall Junior Boy winner was Carter Brown from Newfound Club with his Apple Pound Cake from scratch.  Carter Brown was the overall contest winner with his Apple Pound Cake.  The recipes will be compiled into a publication and we will request orders for the recipes in January so that we can distribute them at the Awards Night.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2009 4-H Baking Contest!