4-H Updates!

As you know, work has begun on the Andy Griffith skit that will be videotaped beforehand and shown at Achievement Night.  Many 4-H’ers have already chosen roles for the skit, however we still have a few roles that are up for grabs!

1.  Howard Sprague’s Mother
2.  Gomer Pyle
3.  Goober Pyle
4.  Floyd Lawson
5.  Ernest T. Bass

These remaining roles will be cast on a first-come first-serve basis, so please let Erin Bonito (282-255-5522; erin_bonito@ncsu.edu) know as soon as possible.  All 4-H actors and actresses must be present the day of filming (Filming is currently scheduled for 9:00 am on January 16th, 2010), and attend the Achievement Night Ceremony.

Likewise, we still have some Talent Clip opportunities for Achievement Night.  A Talent Clip is a 60-second video that is taped beforehand and then aired at Achievement Night.  In order to participate in one of the talent clips you will need to adhere to the following guidelines:

1.  The Talent Clip can be an individual person or multi-person act.
2.  The Talent Clip can be dance, dramatic, variety, instrumental, vocal, or even just  you describing something fun you did in 4-H this year.
3.  The Talent Clip can last no more than 60 seconds (one minute).
4.  You must be available January 16th to have your Talent Clip taped, and you also must be present at Achievement Night.

Any 4-H’ers interested in performing a Talent Clip need to contact Erin Bonito (282-255-5522; erin_bonito@ncsu.edu) as soon as possible.  Talent Clips are also accepted on a first-come first-serve basis.

Committees are still being formed to help delegate tasks for the upcoming Achievement Night.  4-H MEMBERS – WE NEED YOUR HELP WITH THESE COMMITTEES!  Because we are still working without a 4-H Agent here at the office, it is even more important that everyone chip in their time and effort to help make Achievement Night a huge success!  Please let Erin Bonito know which committee you’d like to be a part of as soon as possible.

1.  Set Up and Décor for the Main Sanctuary (where the formal Achievement ceremony/proceedings will take place)
2.  Food Prep, Set Up and Décor for the Reception Hall (where the reception will take place immediately after the Achievement ceremony/proceedings)
3.  Clean Up/Take Down at the end of Achievement Night

ONE MORE THING… Like last year, we will again this year be requesting that each 4-H Club set up a booth/display to be set up at the reception.  This booth should highlight your Club and the events, activities and milestones you participated in over the 2009 year.  Please begin to think about creating your club booth ~ we’d really like to have all Clubs represented at the reception this year!

We are looking forward to Achievement night and hope that you are just as excited as we are to get the planning started!  We look forward to hearing from you!