GIS Technology Grants Available to 4-H Clubs

Publication1The ESRI 2010 GIS Grants for 4-H Clubs guidelines and application are now available!

The Getting Started with GIS grant is good for 4-H clubs who are new to technology and GIS software.  You’ll receive curriculum and software for windows and mac.

The Introductory Grant is appropriate for clubs who want to learn more about GIS technology, using the same software that your local planning office or assessor might use.   This grant includes ArcView software (windows only), curriculum and virtual campus courses.

The Intermediate Grants are available for 4-H groups who have successfully completed the requirements for an introductory grant from a previous year.  At the intermediate level the club has the choice of continuing with ArcView (and all extensions) or moving up a level to the ArcGIS Editor level.  At the intermediate level, clubs may also request to receive American Forests CITYgreen software, an ArcGIS  extension that is used by many parks departments and forestry companies to evaluate the health of trees and the contributions to our world that trees provide.

You’ll find the grant information by clicking here.    There have been some changes in the application process this year and you will need to contact your State 4-H SET Liason to not only get a letter of support from them, but to also learn about how GIS fits into the states SET plan.  Don’t worry your state 4-H SET Liason should already be aware of this grant requirement and should already have a prepared response for you!!!

The ESRI 2010 GIS Grants for 4-H Clubs guidelines and application are now posted under Education and 4-H on the ESRI Website and can be accessed by clicking here.   The application deadline is 5:00 pm PST on Dec. 1, 2009.   Please download the grant guidelines of interest and bookmark the application link.

Remember to download the guidelines early so you have adequate time to consider the questions and submit your application no later than Dec 1st!    Please let us know if you have questions about the grants or the application.  You may send questions to   Esther Worker can also be contacted with questions at or 1- 800-447-9778 ext 18216.

If you are just beginning your journey into Geospatial technologies, you might want to purchase a copy of the 4-H Geospatial Exploring Spaces, Going Places curriculum.  Purchasing information can be found by clicking here.

A big thank you to the 4-H community for all that you’ve done in your community and nationally with GIS software!  You are individually and collectively making a difference.  Check out what the National 4-H GIS Leadership Team has accomplished by clicking here.