ACE Master Volunteer Training Retreat

volunteer1The ACE Master Volunteer Training Retreat is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, November 21-22 (same weekend as state council conference), in Raleigh.  This training will take place at the State 4-H Office at 512 Brickhaven, with participants lodging at the Ramada Inn, Blue Ridge.

We will be offering all core credits for all four levels of the ACE curriculum.  Individuals will be able to select among core requirements based upon their needs for completing levels of achievement.  This weekend retreat will be an opportunity for volunteers to receive core credits, plus gain 3 contact hours for elective training to be offered during the instruction time.  We have included time on the agenda for individuals to work on completing the needed reflection pages and to leave the training with very little additional work to do in preparation for submitting portfolios for review by the December 1 deadline.

Cost for the training retreat is $80 per person. This includes lodging, lunch and dinner on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday, all educational materials and snacks, too!!  If you wish to participate in the training but will not need overnight lodging, the cost is $50, which does include all meals.  WE WILL MAKE THE RESERVATIONS BASED UPON INFORMATION FROM THE REGISTRATION FORMS — DO NOT CALL THE HOTEL DIRECTLY.   Note that our start/end times should coincide fairly closely to the start/end times for the State Council Conference event to make carpooling a good option.  BUT, those who will be attending the ACE training will not be able to travel back and forth between the two as our agenda is full in order to get all of the needed credits offered in this limited time.

Please click here for the Master Volunteer Achievement in Continuing Education (ACE) Registration Form and Agenda.  If you have any questions, please contact Harriett Edwards at 919-515-9548 or