To Our 4-H Club Leaders:


To Our 4-H Club Leaders:

I hope this letter finds you well and looking forward to fair time and cooler weather.  We have just received word from the state 4-H office that all clubs must be chartered or re-chartered by October to be in line with national 4-H guidelines.  If your club has been chartered before, this process will be familiar to you.  If your club has not been chartered, or if the charter has not been renewed annually, it must now be chartered during the month of September.

The reason for this change is to make sure all 4-H clubs’ charter year matches on a national basis.  This makes keeping up with active units much easier for reporting and affiliation purposes.  Beginning October 2010, if your club has not been chartered, or had the charter renewed annually, it is not considered a 4-H Club and cannot use the clover image or call itself a 4-H Club.

This is a new process to all of us, and will not come into full effect until 2010.  We feel it would be a good idea to get all our county clubs into compliance this year, so we have a seamless transition in 2010.  With this in mind, we need each club leader to fill out the charter/re-charter paperwork (this form can be found online here).  Additionally, because Mary is no longer here to help us with reporting all of your club accomplishments, we have enclosed a few additional questions to answer below.

PLEASE HAVE THE COMPLETED FORM AS WELL AS THE COMPLETED QUESTIONS BELOW BACK TO THE EXTENSION OFFICE NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 1ST, 2009. (You can email this to, or you can mail this to the Cooperative Extension Office at 94 Coxe Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801)  As always, if you have any questions, please give Erin Bonito a call at (828) 255-5522.  Thanks for all you do for 4-H!


Steve Duckett


1.  Please list the name of each leader from your club, along with his/her ethnicity and any 4-H Leader Trainings completed in 2009.

2.  Please list any Special Interest Projects that club members have been involved with in 2009, and the number of members involved.  (Example: Shooting Sports – 15 Members)

3.  Please list all Project Records and 4-H Curriculum that club members have been involved with in 2009, and the number of members involved.  (Example:  Animal Science – 7 Members)

4.  Horse Clubs Only:  Please list all day camps that members have been involved with in 2009, and the number of members involved.