4-H Mini Garden Project a Success!

1Near the beginning of the summer, Extension Master Gardener Suzanne Wodek passed out vegetable, fruit and flower seeds to all 4-H families interested in participating in the 4-H Mini-Garden Project.  Over the course of the following months, nineteen participating 4-H families rolled up their sleeves, tilled their soil, planted their seeds, watered their plants, weeded their gardens, kept a watchful eye on their harvests and eventually enjoyed the fruits of their hard work – yummy vegetables and fruits!


During this summer, Miss. Wodek was able to visit each mini-garden twice.  While at each garden she met up with 4-H’ers giving them tips, improvements and ideas about how to make each garden better.  She was very impressed with each visit, finding a wide array of fruits, flowers and vegetables at each garden.  It certainly looks like all of our 4-H’ers and their families have worked hard and developed GREEN THUMBS!


Thank you to our Extension Master Gardener Miss. Suzanne Wodek, and to all of our 4-H’ers who participated in the Mini-Garden Project this year!  A PDF slideshow of 4-H’ers who participated is attached here.